Funny Locksmith Stories We've Experienced

Here are a few of our stories while attending to various locksmith jobs in Sydney

Scope Security locksmith walking to mobile van
  • How did we crack open a safe with thousands of dollars in it?

We responded to an emergency lockout in Elizabeth Bay. An elderly lady met us at the front door then took us to a safe that she needed opening. There were two large safes, one was hers and the other was her late husbands that she didn’t have the combination to. It was a 3 foot tall, very old unit so even I was curious to see what was inside.

We quickly started on the safe and Truffles, the Pekingese/Shih Tzu dog, suddenly became interested in our locksmith skills and our legs. We managed to unlock the safe but before we open a door we always ensure the owner is present. We always ensure they watch while its opened to be assured that nothing has been removed.

The lady picked up Truffles, our new Locksmith apprentice, and to our surprise the safe was full of money – literally! From back to front and top to bottom it was full of cash. We’ve never seen so much money in once spot.  Truffles and his Mum were so happy we were even treated to a very graphic display of licking each others lips.

Mummy said ”Look what Daddy has been hiding. We are going to get you a new coat Truffles”.

  • Why you can never be too careful with your door locks

Over the years we have come across all kinds of situations and some people are very cautious about their security. Sometimes though it verges on paranoia. Here are a few examples;

  • Keys changed every month because a family member is visiting and stealing things.

  • Keys and locks changed because a family member is moving things around in their house.

  • A person felt as though someone had been inside the house because the crack on the ceiling was getting larger.

  • Another said that someone had used all the toilet paper.

  • One person said their son takes their clothes and handbags and pours water in their shoes in the middle of the night.

  • Another was wanting security cameras because she thought her son was coming in and roughing her up while she’s asleep.


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