Should you use a certified Locksmith?

Fully Accredited

It means the locksmith has conducted the accredited training over a number of years to become certified.

Police checks

A certified locksmith in Sydney will have a NSW Police Force Security License that has been accredited.


A locksmith in Sydney should have a number of written reviews you can read.

‘Should I use a certified locksmith?’ is a very common question we get asked. The answer is yes.

The spate of locksmith scams happening across Sydney is just one example why you should use a locksmith that has had the apporpiate accredited training; read our story here for more information. Scope Security has over 40 years combined locksmith experience as well as the relevant accreditation and certifications.

a mobile locksmith with nsw security license

What is the Locksmith Guild of Australia?


The Locksmiths Guild of Australia provides a Certified Practicing Locksmith Programme in Australia which Scope Security is part of. Certified Practising Locksmiths have demonstrated that they have appropriate trade and other training, trade experience, involvement in the Guild activities and the locksmith community generally to be able to provide the best customer service available.

In Australian States security licences are now required for certain access control, safe and commercial locksmith work. The LGA Certified Practising Locksmith Programme for locksmiths ensures that they have the training and experience to provide professional customer service.


How to choose a locksmith in Sydney?


Ask your locksmith to show you their credentials and to demonstrate their experience. Ask them the following questions;


Locksmiths are required to be licensed in NSW by the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) of the NSW Police Force. Licensed security businesses must display their Master security licence number on their premises and vehicle signage and include it in their advertising.

All applicants for a security licence are subject to rigorous background checks by the SLED, including:

• fingerprinting to confirm their identity

• a national criminal history record check

• a check of the NSW Police Force’s criminal intelligence holdings.

The SLED monitors successful applicants throughout the term of their licence and takes immediate action to remove from the NSW security industry persons confirmed as unsuitable.

Don’t take the unnecessary risk with your security.



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